I Am Just One Soul Out of Billions



I tell you, the best experiences are the hardest ones to write about. I know you guys find  lot of articles on why you must travel on your own at least once in your life. Articles that may tell you how amazing to travel on our own terms, how we could “eat-pray-love” and finally find ourself and to experience the glory of Me, Myself and I. I had been doing solo traveling a quite a lot hehe from going to concert alone, traveling from bus terminals to another, to airports and so much more. You might wondering how traveling alone looks like. It’s nothing but awesome and I promise it’s actually something that you must try as well. You’ll get excited, mixture of excitement and anticipation of flying away all by yourself. Like OMG, this is it. It’s gonna be awesome! But what if I get lost? or kidnapped? What if something carzy happens? What bus number should I take again? Which station? Where to eat? Where to sleep on cheap hotels?  You’d be very proud of what strategies you might come up when something’s get wrong. You’d find yourself in the beauty of careful planning to come what may and every crazy thing in between.

I decided to go on solo trip again away from my comfort zone for 3 days last week. Was really really overwhelmed aside from what I had received from my photography graduation, I also got to travel and find a quiet time for myself.

There’s nothing like realizing you are seated in the right plane and bus. I’d find myself in the kindness of strangers, in the company of new friends, I dont mind bumping into anyone decent strangers though. I have that priceless feeling of Home in a completely unknown place with completely unknown people. You’d be amazed by how you risk and entrust your life & safety to complete strangers then later realize and feel that utter gratitude for how much they’ve made your trip very meaningful. Connecting with people and making friends.

I was very happy to get where I was supposed to be all by myself. Also I had been reflecting about life on the 1st night of my trip, there was no 3g internet, also no network signal. I had all the time to contemplate and all I did was read the book I brought and wrote on my travel journal. Wee! My favorite part of my trip was staring under the stars and finally after decades of wanting to shoot a milkyway I FINALLY had the chance to capture it. Everything I’m expecting seems to fall in a right place. As what everyone says “In God’s perfect time”. You’d encounter God in different ways, in different instances. That is the beauty of being outside your comfort zone: you’d pray your way out of your fears and doubts. And for each prayer, I tell you, you will find answers.  As I stare at the wonderful milkyway, I couldn’t help but worship and be in awe!!! I also made time for my devotional and books under the millions stars with flash light on it of course. Hehe Finally, you would realize that you are not alone, and it’s not just ‘about you’ after all.




Wasn’t really thinking of posting emotional thoughts here pero I realize it’s been a while since I did anything on here. Hehe. Hear me out friends this is a bit long. Hehe. Life has been hell, but had really been a season of standing strong with and for the people I love. No matter how difficult, no matter how hopeless things get, no matter what and I don’t know where to begin to explain everything, so I will do a small synopsis.

I was knock. I suppose that lonely feeling is what drives me to type this out on here. To get it out and maybe someone else who feels lonely will read this and see that they are not the only one that is feeling like this right now. I feel you friends. Hehe. We may feel so isolated in our own darkness, but we are both going through the similar feelings. We are together in our solitude. Hehe. Perhaps it will be enough to help you know that no one is truly alone because we are cling to that same shadow together. Who would’ve known right?

Pero go on lang. Hold onto that shadow of hope, no matter what people say. Smile lang ta like what I’m doing with this picture. Make them wonder why you’re smiling. :))))) #Wink #Puso #SmileLangTaya




Random Night Thoughts

NIKON D80272.jpg

There comes a point in your life when your feelings are ignored and taken for granted. You are too busy thinking of others that you forgot you deserved to be asked ‘How’s you? Are you okay?’ But then again, close minded people will often regard you as the dramatic one but as pathetic as their way of thinking is, you don’t give a damn to anything they say. So you smile not because you’re happy but you smile until you convince yourself that everything will be okay even if it’s not.


Missing my COLLEGE DAYS!

It’s over , it’s all over..

How the last year passed so quickly.

It’s feel like that yesterday I have joined my college and today I am sitting at home and thinking about my future. Only few days remain after which i have to put my firs step in corporate world.

What I am gonna miss?

Those Night Outs before exams.
Watching movies iIn common Room.
Celebrating birthdays with birthday bumps.
lecture bunking and proxies.
Sleeping in class.
Thesis days.
Playing Frisbee inside the campus
Chatting with classmates.
And many more that I couldn’t even remember. 😥

It’s all over now.

But this is called LIFE. You can’t remain in same state for whole life. We have to change, We have to move and So I am. Towards my new Life where my destiny take me. I just miss my college life!